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The Mangrove Tour is as enchanting as it is magical. It is an eco experience you won't want to miss when you are in Bintan.

This tour takes you on a back-to-nature encounter with Bintan island's rich mangrove forests. As you journey through the quiet waterways of Sebung River, you'd enjoy the sights and serenity around you. Observe the myriad plant and animal life forms that flourish alongside the fleshy green mangrove leaves.

Similar to the day tour, the boat ride takes you down Sebung River, except you do not go through as many tributaries. Cruise down the river in the cool night air and experience the serenity and calmness of the mangrove forests. The highlight of the tour is surely the sighting of the fireflies (lightning bugs), their sporadic movements and luminescence calling to mind the twinkling lights on a Christmas tree.

Tour reservations can be made directly at the front desk.

Click here for Mangrove tour map guide.